Welcome to the Serenity is Far Away - The Alice in Chains Webring Sign-Up Page!
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Do you have a quality Alice in Chains site to share with the AiC web community?
Well, here's your chance. Our standards aren't that harsh... read on and you'll find out if your site meets them. Then you can submit your site to the WebRing, we'll look it over, and your site just might get chosen to join the Serenity is Far Away WebRing!
Standards (Your Site Must Meet These!)
1.) Originality
Your site must have something different, something that you can't find on just any site. Rare Flowers in a Tomb has a collection of poetry and art by Alice in Chains fans, and Serenity is Far Away (cheap plug) is a 'zine. The site can have standard stuff too, but there has to be some original or rare item on the site that makes the site different.
2.) Full Dedication to Alice in Chains
A no-brainer. It must be entirely about the members of the band, side projects like Mad Season, or about the band as a whole. I'd rather not have sites that are just individual pages of larger sites.
3.) Large-ness
It shouldn't just be 1 to 4 pages about the band... the site should show effort and dedication to AiC.
Not too harsh, right? If you are accepted into the SiFA ring, I will send you an e-mail detailing how you should go about adding the navigational menu and where you stand in the ring.

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