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Well, the new issue is out.

Perhaps I should explain the wait. First of all, there have been a lot of outside distractions that have sidetracked me from completion of the 'zine. This is hardly the real reason behind the lateness of the release, though.

The real reason is lack of submissions. I've done the "run most of the magazine by yourself" thing; that was last issue. This issue I took it upon myself to go out and ask for participation. Some people agreed to help out, did, and I thank them. Others agreed, but never came through with anything.

I decided that the 'zine wasn't worth my time and effort.

Then, all of a sudden, a couple e-mails came in; they complimented the site and encouraged me to continue, so I said "what the hell" and finished the layouts.

Still, there was a lack of submissions. Here's where the new sections came in.

I knew that "See-Through Show," the concert review section, was a timely and appropriate idea... there was no doubt in my mind. Then, on the Angry Chair mailing list, some people were discussing making AIC comic strips; thus, "Chewed Up Pen" came into existence. Sections like "A Voice Inside" and Greg Daugherty's new column, "Feeding My Eyes," came about through suggestion; finally, through what can only be called a spark of inspiration, I came up with "Bleed the Freak," a section dedicated to various AIC-related projects.

Quite a few sections were removed in favor of the new ones. Note the absence of the AIC Press Kit, Links section, and Them Lyrics, among others. Those sections were too commonplace to be on a monthly 'zine, and were worthless to me.

There was a merger that was supposed to be made between SiFA and the AIC Nutshell; it was to coincide with the new look Nutshell coordinator Hugo Trepanier was going to give his site. Unfortunately, Hugo's computer crashed, he lost his updated Nutshell site, and the merger died with it. Perhaps the idea will be renewed later; until then, this site is not affiliated in any form (except maybe concept) with the Nutshell.

Enjoy the new 'zine, and my apologies once again for the lateness.

--Ryan Martin--