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Have you ever felt the need to pay tribute to Alice in Chains?
Many people are musicians and avid listeners of AIC. This page is simply stating an idea based on the only logical conclusion of the previous statement... the fans should unite and make a tribute tape, full of songs inspired by and covers of Alice in Chains.

On the Angry Chair (click to subscribe) mailing list, a long while ago, someone decided to coordinate a tribute tape for Alice in Chains. The idea died, was resurrected by another list member, then died again. Now Serenity is Far Away plans to bring it back.

So why do we think we could make this idea a reality? Well, we have the means to do it... it doesn't take a whole lot to record to cassette and we have printing resources, etc. Also, we have the will... the staffers that have volunteered to take on the task are completely dedicated to this project. Finally, we have interest... a couple of bands have expressed interest in this project, and more are sure to follow. And, of course, there's always the possibility of getting it on CD.

"I can't play an instrument," you say? Well, can you write or draw?
If music isn't one of your talents, perhaps you would be interested in contributing to a book that we're working on as well. The idea is to compile poetry, essays, artwork, concert photos, and anything else that can be expressed on paper into a book that we will sell and attempt to present to the members of AIC. (Yes, I got this idea from the Smashing Pumpkins mailing list.)

Are you into cinematography? Do you have a large collection of AIC footage? Well, smooth...
We are also working on a video compilation that mixes concert footage of AIC with visual tributes to the band, ranging from abstract interpretive dancing to a cover of an AIC song your band did at a gig. If we really get this thing together, it could be fantastic.

So that's it... you've been given your mission statement. Contact me for further info.

--Ryan Martin--