Chat Live! - Sean Kinney
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April 29th, 1998

Moderator - O.K..... Sean is at the terminal ready to field some questions.... This Chat is co-sponsored by RHYTHM magazine and Boom Theory... have fun!
Rhythm UK - er... obviously not
Dancing Pixie - hello
Roz - Hi Sean ... how are you?
Serenity - Hey Sean!
HitMe! - What's happening to A.I.C.????
Rhythm UK - Hey Sean
captain pipi - have you ever been to amsterdam
captain pipi - anyone?
Cobra - Hi Sean
Roz - Amsterdam's cool ...
StickMan - Do you know what a "banger" is??? ;)
Rhythm UK - hehe
Melting Mirror Smile - Sean, are confortable with a keyboard in front of ya?...
not a phase - more fans than drummers here huh? big surprise. Sean -- tell us about the compilation of FROGS.
Sean Kinney - Hi, and yeah I've been to Amsterdam
captain pipi - where the ..... is sean ?
Roz - Sean, how's the lil' guy your pet monkey ... ?
Sean Kinney - mms...I'm more comfortable with a toaster in front of me than a keyboard.
Sean Kinney - roz...My monkey is fine.
Melting Mirror Smile - Figured.. :)...
em - Hi Sean, Al, Melanie, Mark, and Phil. Good luck to you all and I will see you tonight Al!!!
Roz - Is it raining in Seattle right now?
Sean Kinney - Where are you all from?
HitMe! - What kind of drums are you playing now? (5pc? brand?)
Rhythm UK - Is anyone here from the UK?
not a phase - from LA, living in Boston area now.
Serenity - We know that you're touring with Jerry... are you keeping in touch with the rest of the members (of AIC)?
Sean Kinney - Roz...No rain, it's about 70
Roz - Sean ... London, U.K ...
captain pipi - i'm from amsterdam !!!!11
Cobra - Reno NV
HitMe! - LA
Sean Kinney - hitme...Spacemuffins and DWs
Serenity - I'm from central Illinois, and it's raining here.
Roz - Wow ... Seattle without the rain ... ? How ... `Un'Seattle ...
StickMan - I'm not sure... but wherever I go... THERE I am! ;)
Sean Kinney - serenity...Sorry about the whole living in Illinois thing.
Melting Mirror Smile - "Fed the monkey man" - you or Jerry's dog?..
Serenity - Thanks for your pity, Sean.
Sean Kinney - mms...Jerry's dog.
Roz - Oh, how are YOU doing, Sean? Any plans to include U.K in the tour... ?
captain pipi - are you and jerry coming to europe ?
Sean Kinney - Roz...Possible on Jerry's album. Touring with Metallica this summer.
Roz - Rhythm U.K ... which part of U.K?
captain pipi - coming to amsterdam ?
Cobra - see you in SF
Serenity - I ask again... "We know that you're touring with Jerry... are you keeping in touch with the other members of AIC?
Roz - So Jerry IS gonna include U.K in his tour ... ? Cool ... I'll be there ...
Sean Kinney - serenity...Yeah, we talk all the time. Actually, Mike might be playing bass with us on the tour.
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Melting Mirror Smile - Do you know who else is gonna go on tour with you?
Rhythm UK - Right now? Cambridge.
Roz - Hi Cambridge. London here.
Serenity - Cool! I thought he was with Ozzy Osbourne's band right now.
Sean Kinney - mms...The Alice cover band Days of the New is going on tour with us.
HitMe! - What size drums do you use right now... heads?(REMO? batter side/resonant side?)
Rhythm UK - Big up London!
Roz - Sean ... you have any side projects on the way? On your own, that is ...
Dancing Pixie - Hi Sean!
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Serenity - "The Alice cover band Days of the New"? What a burn!
Melting Mirror Smile - Alice cover - LOL, no, I meant touring band-wise...
Sean Kinney - hitme...I use 8's through 24 Remos both sides.
Roz - Sean ... may I add you haven't lost your touch on Jerry's album
... :-)
Sean Kinney - roz...Working on a few.
Rhythm UK - Sean - is Al there with u?
dickeye - Sean>> Who will be in the band that plays the dates this summer?
Roz - Sean ... working on a few? Details, please?
Sean Kinney - dickeye...Not sure yet. Going to LA next week to put together a band.
Sean Kinney - roz...I would love to tell you but then I'd have to kill you.
Serenity - So how did you guys record Jerry's new release? Live, or in separate rooms? I know you layered the guitar parts, but that
Sean Kinney - Ronan, Yes.
Sean Kinney - Hi, Ronan (from Al).
dickeye - Sean>> Is there any chance of you and Jerry touring in Europe to support the album?
Roz - Sean ... if that's what it takes ... :-)
Cobra - any chance Layne will show up?
Sean Kinney - We all played in the same room but the basic tracks are live.
Serenity - continuing from the last statement... that's about all I know.
Sean Kinney - dickeye...Possibly.
Rhythm UK - Al - We got the rightlogo this time! ;-)
Serenity - Cool, live is usually better.
Melting Mirror Smile - Sean, what's your favorite "drum-song" on Boggy Depot?..
dickeye - Sean>> really? great!
Sean Kinney - mms....Stairway to Heaven
Roz - Sean ... is this `new band' gonna consist of old friends in the business or some fresh faces? Y'know, names we haven't heard of before ...
Serenity - I missed it if you already explained this: What's your current drum setup (assuming you have one you generally use)
dickeye - Sean>> So, what are you listening to these days? And what's your opinion on today's bands?
Dancing Pixie - heheh
Rhythm UK - Sean - who's your favourite drummer at the mo?
Melting Mirror Smile - I see..
Sean Kinney - serenity...It changes. It's your basic 5 piece, 1 up 2 down.
Roz - Sean ... do you hang out in the Net often ... ?
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Sean Kinney - rUK...Al at Boom Theory.
captain pipi - what kind of sticks do you use ? firth?
Serenity - You said at the Howard Stern movie premiere all you ever get is the bottles of hand lotion at the hotel... any women in your life? My friend kinda wanted to know...
Dancing Pixie - Sean...I read that You and Jerry are playing a show in Toronto on May 3rd....
Sean Kinney - cp...I used to use firth but now I use bater.
whoami - so, sean, what tunes are gracing the kinney stero right now ..?
Rhythm UK - lol!
blewey - why don't you join Madseasons
Sean Kinney - whoami...Stairway to Heaven
Serenity - Is there any chance that you might make an unscheduled stop in, say, Peoria IL, during the tour?
dickeye - Sean>> I've always wanted to ask this question: is it true that you have a monkey, and, if so, what's his/her name?
Sean Kinney - blewey...'Cause it doesn't exist.
Roz - Sean ... one question that always bog my mind ... which planet do you come from?
Sean Kinney - serenity...Yeah, your Mom invited us to dinner. Didn't you know?
Serenity - 'shock'
Melting Mirror Smile - So Sean's finally discovered Led Zeppelin! A round of APPLAUSE!
Sean Kinney - dickeye...Yes, Abu.
blewey - do you still have the three leged dog?
Sean Kinney - blewey...Ate it.
not a phase - How about some smaller venues while touring with Metallica? Will you and Jerry be able to fit in any club dates? Say in MA or RI?
Serenity - Did she really invite you?
Dancing Pixie - LOL
Sean Kinney - notaphase...We may.
Roz - What? You ATE Jerry's dog ... ?
blewey - did it taste like chicken?
Serenity - Sh*t, my friend took over the keyboard for a second.
dickeye - ok, i see. then you must be the guy in the silly-looking trousers : )
StickMan - ...speaking of which... where do you usually hang out at in Seattle???
captain pipi - I guess the one leg wasn't enough ?
Roz - ... or did you just eat the fourth leg ... ?
HitMe! - He uses that 4th leg as a Kick drum batter!
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Sean Kinney - stickman...At home.
not a phase - Wow, that would be great!!! Smaller venues, that is. Esp. if Mike is with you!
captain pipi - starting on your monkey next ?
Melting Mirror Smile - Hey Sean, why did you pull out of "WBCN River Rave"?...
SPAM - hey sean i'm gonna see you and jerry on july 15
Serenity - Do you still have the nosering?
Sean Kinney - spam...Where are we on July 15th?
captain pipi - is jerry paying you any good ?
Roz - Sean ... when are you due for U.K?
Serenity - I'm currently in negotiations to see you guys up in Pecatonica, IL.
SPAM - are you and jerry gonna only do songs from boggy depot on tour?
dickeye - Sean>> What's Les Claypool like in real life?
Sean Kinney - spam...Not sure.
whoami - *applauds* sean, i've heard that page and plant are really in jeff buckley...have you heard the new album?
Roz - Did you get paid for playing two characters on Jerry's video ... ?
SPAM - in camden, new jersey
Sean Kinney - May do some Alice.
Serenity - Was it weird working with so many bassists?
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Sean Kinney - dickeye...A lot like Les Claypool.
SPAM - hey thanks for answering, you rock!!
Melting Mirror Smile - Sean, what do you think about Tool's Danny Carey?..
Rhythm UK - Sean - have you heard about Matt Cameron filling in for Jack Irons with Pearl Jam? Think it'll work?
Sean Kinney - serenity...No, it was great they're all friends.
captain pipi - are you gonna pierce any other limbs ?
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dickeye - Sean>> oh... that weird? Known him a long time?
blewey - are you coming to Iowa/when?
Sean Kinney - rUK...I think it's great. The best choice.
dickeye - MMS>> TOOL rocks!
HitMe! - I heard that years ago Layne and Mike just showed up at a small club in Seattle (Firehouse???), do you pop in small clubs unannounced and jam once in a while? (In Seattle? In L.A.?)
Gordon - Does Lane do any artwork on the CD Cover
SPAM - do you have any ideas on who will play in the live band? will there be a second guitarist, like scot olson or someone?
Melting Mirror Smile - Dickey, right on!
Sean Kinney - hitme...I show at small clubs and drink.
Camelback_circus - so what does Sean Kinney listen to music wise
captain pipi - do jerry and you write music together?
Sean Kinney - camelback...Stairway to Heaven
dickeye - Sean>> Do you do any www-surfing?
Sean Kinney - captain...Yes.
Roz - SEan ... I thought you quit ...
blewey - did you do a video with Pam Lee too?
Serenity - What's your favorite mixed drink?
Camelback_circus - good has to be rock and roll myself
Sean Kinney - dickeye...I do WWW wrestling.
StickMan - LOL!!! Who hasn't done a video with Pam?!!!
Sean Kinney - serenity....Water
Rhythm UK - LOL
captain pipi - have you ever visited your own website ?
Roz - Sean ... when excatly are you guys coming over to U.K ... ?
Sean Kinney - Stick...Me
Dancing Pixie - :P
Sean Kinney - Roz...We are not sure.
blewey - WWF ROCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!
dickeye - Sean>> ohmygod... with who? ; )
Serenity - Mix hydrogen with oxygen... not too shabby.
Camelback_circus - yeah when are you coming to the uk????
SPAM - how was it like being a clown in the nona tapes? you were GREAT!
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Gordon - see ya
Melting Mirror Smile - Sean, what's your take on drummer jokes?..
StickMan - Bummer dude... has that Angry Italian done a video with Pam?
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Sean Kinney - Bye Gordo
Sean Kinney - mms...Do you have any good ones?
dickeye - Sean>> Is there a delay effect on the drums on the intro of "Cold Piece"?
captain pipi - do you drink a lot of dutch beer ? heineken ?
Sean Kinney - dickeye...No
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Roz - Sean ... can you sing?
HitMe! - Don't all drummers drink beer?? ;)
Sean Kinney - roz...Like a lark!
Serenity - Do you really use Sabian cymbals, or are you secretly just a Zildjian usin' corporate rock whore? ;P
Sean Kinney - hitme...Not Al.
not a phase - Ever heard of SKin163?
SPAM - didnt you sing on the fifth track on sap? how did that song come about?
Sean Kinney - notaphase...No, have you heard of syphillis?
Camelback_circus - I definately drink Frikin` tons
Roz - Sean ... haven't even done any backing vocals before ... ?
Sean Kinney - spam...Acid.
blewey - who's a rock whore?
SPAM - haha
captain pipi - do you still play all kinds of percussion ?
Roz - Who, or what is SKin163 ... ?
not a phase - No.
whoami - sean - did you hear the rolf harris version of stairway?
dickeye - Sean>> So that's just recorded dry? *admiration!!!*
Sean Kinney - captain...yes
HitMe! - Do you really use spacemuffin drums? How much are you getting paid to do this chat? ... chocolates like Matt Cameron? ;)
Sean Kinney - whoami...Yes
Serenity - Did Jerry *really* play the piano, or is that just what they want us to think?
Sean Kinney - hitme...Sex and gum.
Melting Mirror Smile - Sean, DRUMMER JOKE, what do you call a drummer with half a brain? Gifted!
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Serenity - And what the hell is a clavinet?
Sean Kinney - serenity...Yes, he played the piano.
Camelback_circus - I think not being endorsed is the best idea..i mean the only time you need endorsement is whenyou are why bother getting endorsements whenyour rich?
Roz - Sean ... sex with who ... ? Al?
Sean Kinney - mms...Why did God give drummers one more IQ point than a horse?
SPAM - when did you get your nose pierced?
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Camelback_circus - you can aford the world when you are a star
dickeye - Roz>> no, with the spacemuffins, naturally...
Sean Kinney - mms...So they wouldn't sh*t in the streets during parades.
SPAM - how was it like playing drums in your grandfather's band?
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redeye - morning sunshine!
Rhythm UK - camelback - I agree.
Camelback_circus - am I right or just cynical
Melting Mirror Smile - SEAN, two drummers walk into a bar... which is funny because you would have figured the second one would have seen the first guy do it...
Roz - Sean ... why, so that they can differentiate between a horse & a drum ... ?
captain pipi - by the way, congrats with your upcoming b-day !
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Serenity - Drummer Joke - How do you kill a drummer? Put a scratch and sniff sticker at the bottom of a pool.
Camelback_circus - thanks Rhythm.....only a top mag would agree
HitMe! - Sean... do you break your drumheads or sanre wires often? How hard do you hit those things?
dickeye - Serenity>> weren't you supposed to be doing something else right now?
Roz - What's so good about being over-30 ... ?
redeye - happy birthday to SEAN.
Sean Kinney - hitme...Like a redheaded step child
Camelback_circus - so when are you typing my letter then rhythm captain pipi - throwing a big party ?
Serenity - When is Sean's birthday?
Roz - Sean ... do you surt the Net?
Camelback_circus - probably when he was born.......duh!!
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redeye - the same day as mine
whoami - *laughs*
captain pipi - 25 of may ?
StickMan - I saw an Ad about Boom Theory X-series(??) have you played them yet? how do they compare to your dw drums?
SPAM - SEAN, whats your favorite song to play live?
Sean Kinney - stickman...They're round.
dickeye - Serenity>> May 27...
Sean Kinney - spam...Stairway to Heaven
captain pipi - do you spend a lot of money on new gear ?
Melting Mirror Smile - You're a pretty smart drummer, Sean.
Dancing Pixie - Sean....are you and Jerry going to do some shows in August without Metallica?
Rhythm UK - Drummer and guitarist have had a fight and are sulking. Bass player asks the drummer what's wrong; drummer says, "The guitarist broke my sticks". Bass player asks guitarist, "Why did you break the drummer's sticks?" Guitarist replies: "'Cos he de-tuned o
Camelback_circus - aaaa stop press stop press.....i bought a 5000 delta accelerator the other and smooth as funk!!!!
dickeye - Sean>> what's up with this picture:
Serenity - On the radio, when they premiered "Cut You In", they said "and Sean Kinney, AiC's bassist, played some tracks on the new album too!"
SPAM - heres a question i really wanna do you feel about bootlegs???
Roz - Sean ... I don't know what else to ask you ...
redeye - when is slaughter & firehouse and them good bands coming back?
Rhythm UK - It's the way I tell 'em...
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Camelback_circus - set me back a you use an accelerator or turbo SEAN?
Roz - Sean ... how do you feel about AIC's cover bands like Days of The New ... ? Think they're ripping you guys off or something ... ?
redeye - nwo 4 life
Rhythm UK - Last line was: "'Cos he de-tuned one of my strings, and he won't tell me which one..."
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Camelback_circus - good one rhythm
Sean Kinney - camel...turbo
AIC_4_Life - When's the new album coming out?
Roz - Hubba, hubba.
Serenity - Will you guys be doing a studio version of "Killer is Me"?
Rhythm UK - hmmm
StickMan - I heard Def Leppard is coming back (again)... don't they need a REAL drummer? Sean??? ;)
Camelback_circus - DAMN
SPAM - Sean, what's your opinion on bootlegs?
captain pipi - is layne writing solo material ?
Sean Kinney - serenity...No.
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Sean Kinney - spam...I don't care.
dickeye - Sean>> Who's the best: Matt Cameron or Danny Carey? (except for you of course...)
SPAM - thats cool
Serenity - Did you know that the We Die Young EP is really rare now? Twisted...
Camelback_circus - Who is Danny Carey?
Sean Kinney - dickeye...God
SPAM - or Barret Martin, dickeye
captain pipi - when are you guys gonna do another video ?
Serenity - Matt Cameron is probably my second fave "grunge" drummer, or whatever.
Camelback_circus - has anyone asked this question or am i the first.........who are YOUR favourite drummers Sean?? pretty please!!
dickeye - SPAM>> Barret Martin rocks, but i think both Cameron and Carey are better...
Roz - Sean ... how do you spend all those spare time when you're not practising or working ... ?
Sean Kinney - Drew Carey is my favorite grunge drummer.
AIC_4_Life - What is your favorite album of the 90's...not to suck up or anything but Dirt is one of 'em!
captain pipi - have you ever considered doing clinics or workshops ?
Melting Mirror Smile - Barret Martin is a badass!
dickeye - Camelback_circus>> Tool's drummer
Camelback_circus - who is Danny Carey or am i Ignorant?
Roz - Sean ... do you have any other job other than being a drummer for a rock band ... ?
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Camelback_circus - any other favourite drummers??
Serenity - Jerry has been rather oblique about the future of AiC, leaving it as "on hiatus..." can you elaborate on that one?
Sean Kinney - roz...Waxin' the dolphin, pounding the pelican, 5 against 1, combing my hair...
Sean Kinney - serenity...Stairway to Heaven
Camelback_circus - You know i have never heard tool ever!!!.....i must be daft or somethin
SPAM - i love the song SATISFY
Rhythm UK - Dickeye - Who's the BEST?
Melting Mirror Smile - Hey Sean, how come you almost never do any drum solos?..
SPAM - i love the song SATISFY
Dancing Pixie - Sean.....where did the "Pixie" from the self toeled album come from?...didn't you design the artwork?
Sean Kinney - captain...Yeah, I've thought about it.
SPAM - i love the song SATISFY
Sean Kinney - roz...Televangilist
dickeye - Rhythm UK>> what kind of question is that? ME!!! : )
Dancing Pixie - self toeled album that is...
SPAM - my chat isnt working
whoami - Sean ~ who do you think the "next big things" are gonna be ?
Sean Kinney - serenity...Yes, on hiatus.
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Camelback_circus - Thats cause you have got spam for brains spam
AIC_4_Life - Do you like other genres of music, like Jazz, Rap, etc.. If you do, who do you like?
captain pipi - how are all your pets doing ?
Sean Kinney - whoami...Air and water.
StickMan - Sean eats all of his pets...
Camelback_circus - Sorry spam.....
Sean Kinney - aic...Stairway to Heaven
Serenity - Yeah, Jazz seems to be a major influence on lots of people nowadays.
whoami - are you ripping it ? or are they a real band ?
Roz - SEan, when are you gonna get married? When are ANY of the guys gonna get married for that matter ... ?
whoami - wow. you really like stairway, man
Rhythm UK - People - I gotta go... Enjoy! Sean/Al - Thanx guys; l8rs!!!!
not a phase - Sean, what do you think of Stairway to Heaven? Bonham?
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Moderator - Thank you RHYTHM!!!
Sean Kinney - roz...We're all going to marry each other in Vegas on May 17th...
kina - logged on. - from 195.100 using Mozilla/2.0 (compatible; MSIE 3.0; AK; Windows 95) on Wed Apr 29 11:58am PT)
whoami - later rUK
Camelback_circus - I like jazz drummers....but i wouldnt go as far as liking all age can go to hell as far as i am concerned
captain pipi - do you actually like chatting to a bunch of freaks ?
Camelback_circus - I like jazz drummers....but i wouldnt go as far as liking all age can go to hell as far as i am concerned
Serenity - Man, did you decide before the chat that Stairway was gonna be your answer for every question you didn't wanna answer, or what?
SPAM - damn my chat isnt working!!
kina - Why did Susan Silver quit?
whoami - wow that's going to be some wedding. i wish i could get the pics
Roz - Sean ... what direction are you going when you decide you wanna quit all this music business thing one day ... ?
Camelback_circus - Rhythm seer ya next month in my hands.........does that sound sick
Sean Kinney - roz...South
dickeye - OK folks, gotta go. And remember: is the place to be... : )
StickMan - Sean.. do you watch South Park?
Sean Kinney - serenity...Wow, you found me out..
captain pipi - aren't you ever serious
Serenity - Down to Tijuana?
whoami - are a pretty lateral guy...
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Dancing Pixie - Sean.....was it different doing Boggy Depot? as in was the writing/playing different?
Sean Kinney - dancing...No, the only difference was that Layne & Mike weren't there.
whoami - i'd watch out, those border police can be pretty stringent sometimes...
Camelback_circus - good question......i was trying to word it like that but i am dum
meditatej - logged on. - from 153.36 using Mozilla/4.0 (compatible; MSIE 4.0; MSN 2.5; Windows 95) on Wed Apr 29 12:01pm PT)
Roz - Sean ... to continue `spreading joy across the land' ... ?
Sean Kinney - whoami...I like and look forward to the full cavity search
Dancing Pixie - well mike was there...sorta...
Serenity - This reminds me of that interview in ATN, or something... you guys weren't serious much at all, as I recall...
HitMe! - Camel.. you're a drummer too??? ;) join the club!
whoami - *heaves* well, each to their own...hehe
Roz - Sean ... my niece thinks you're the scariest clown she's ever set her eyes on ...
Sean Kinney - serenity...Take up poetry, you really no how to rhyme baby.
SPAM - logged on. - from 152.163 using Mozilla/2.0 (compatible; MSIE 3.0; AOL 3.0; Windows 95) on Wed Apr 29 12:02pm PT)
SPAM - logged on. - from 152.163 using Mozilla/2.0 (compatible; MSIE 3.0; AOL 3.0; Windows 95) on Wed Apr 29 12:02pm PT)
SPAM - logged on. - from 152.163 using Mozilla/2.0 (compatible; MSIE 3.0; AOL 3.0; Windows 95) on Wed Apr 29 12:02pm PT)
Camelback_circus - What sort of Vater sticks are you using at the moment SEAN??
captain pipi - ever smoked some dutch weed ?
Camelback_circus - Dutch isnt that strong
Roz - Sean ... my pet tarantula says `Hi' to your monkey ...
Sean Kinney - captain...It's been a while but send some to Al at Boom Theory and we'll test it out (for medicinal uses only, of course).
Johan - logged on. - from 130.244 using Mozilla/4.03 [en] (Win95; I) on Wed Apr 29 12:04pm PT)
Sean Kinney - camel...Universals 3 A's, Rocks, assortments.
SPAM - logged on. - from 152.163 using Mozilla/2.0 (compatible; MSIE 3.0; AOL 3.0; Windows 95) on Wed Apr 29 12:04pm PT)
whoami - sean - what's the one piece of advice you'd give everyone? mine is never to trust anyone who writes in green.
Melting Mirror Smile - Have you ever been to Graceland?..
whoami - ~graceland,graceland,memphis,tennessee~
HitMe! - Never eat yellow snow?
Serenity - I'm doin' a report on LSD "for Biology"... wanna help me research (if you know what I mean)?
Camelback_circus - I used a 3A Fat back once......Jeeze they are thick as a perverts wrist
Sean Kinney - mms...Yes.
violetscare - logged on. - from 200.15 using Mozilla/4.04 [en] (Win95; I) on Wed Apr 29 12:05pm PT)
Johan - Are you and Jerry coming to play in sweden this time with bogey depot??
Roz - Sean ... what are you gonna do with all that money you made being the drummer of a rock band ... ?
whoami - hitme ~ i'll take that one to heart
xman - logged on. - from 160.227 using Mozilla/2.0 (compatible; MSIE 3.02; Update a; Windows 95) on Wed Apr 29 12:06pm PT)
SPAM - sean, what was your favorite song to play on boggy depot?
Sean Kinney - camel...Thank you!
Serenity - My advice: Do what you can for those you love, even if it breaks your back...
Sean Kinney - camel...Thank you!
xman - hay hay avery one
SPAM - yeh haha that song's good serenity
Roz - Hey ... What-am_I ... is that you?
Johan - Or Europe?
whoami - serenity ~ very profound...
captain pipi - mine is : come to amsterdam and everything will be great !!!
xman - this place is forded up ya
xman - this place is forded up ya
xman - this place is forded up ya
xman - logged off. - from 160.227 using Mozilla/2.0 (compatible; MSIE 3.02; Update a; Windows 95) on Wed Apr 29 12:08pm PT)
Serenity - thanks, spam... whoami...
Roz - Wait a minute ... if you break your back, how the hell are you s'posed to do anything for your loved ones ... ?
StickMan - Who was that FORDED up xman?? ;)
Melting Mirror Smile - If there's a bustle in your hedgerow. Don't be alarmed now...
SPAM - the media is stupid
whoami - roz, that's kinda what i was thinking...
captain pipi - hello sean, are you dead ?
Camelback_circus - in a sort of a lets get off our heads type of way CAPTAIN PIPI!!!
Serenity - No, roz... i mean like sacrifice for your loved ones... that thing...
whoami - sean ~ you still here man hahaha
SPAM - like how they always pick on layne and ask you guys about him
Roz - Sean ... how come you have no homepages especially dedicated to you like the rest ... ? Aren't you famous enough?
captain pipi - bathroom break ?
Serenity - so
StickMan - Sean?... are you eating something again?
Sean Kinney - captain...Your conversations are killing me...
Johan - Sean whats up with Laynes solo project?
Camelback_circus - Sean is Dead
SPAM - i started to make one once but it sucked and it was really small so i didnt keep it up for more than a week
whoami - sean has arisen
Serenity - "These conversations kill..."
Sean Kinney - Paul is dead and I am the walrus...
Camelback_circus - gogoooo
whoami - whoooooooo ~ it's feeling all supernatural in here
Serenity - coo coo c-choo
Roz - Who's Paul?
Serenity - Beatles.. Paul McCartney.
HitMe! - Man... is EVERYONE smoking that Dutch weed in here??? OR are we ALL drummers in here? !!!
Serenity - Sad that Linda McCartney died...
whoami - anyhow sean, what would you say was the greatest record of all time - no, don't tell me...stairway to heaven
Camelback_circus - How long are you on untill Sean
Roz - Speaking of dead ... have you gone through the process of reincarnation ... ? Since we heard last time that you got killed in a car accident ... your monkey being the only survivor ...
Johan - Whats up with a solo record from Layne
StickMan - Sean's on ACID?
Serenity - I am three personalities... no, really. One of us is a drummer.
captain pipi - by the way, my mom says hi ! to all you freaks
Dancing Pixie - logged on. - from 204.248 using Mozilla/3.0C-NC320 (Win95; U) on Wed Apr 29 12:13pm PT)
Dancing Pixie - Hi mom
Roz - Hi Capt Pipi's mom ...
Camelback_circus - yeah i`m the drummer and the rest of you arent
Cobra - logged on. - from 208.138 using Mozilla/4.05 [en] (Win95; I) on Wed Apr 29 12:14pm PT)
SPAM - did she say the exclamation point?
whoami - hey i don't like the way it arranges us in alphabetical order. i'm always at the end.
Roz - Are you bored, Sean?
HitMe! - My singer still stays at my place because he NEVER has the right KEY to his apt.....
captain pipi - what's it to you ?
Serenity - Sean? Are you there?
Camelback_circus - here we go answer one or the other......right sean
captain pipi - dead again ?
whoami - sean, hey...i just wondered you have any thoughts about the break up of faith no more
Roz - Have you given up on us or something ... ?
Sean Kinney - roz...No, I couldn't be bored with such interesting as "the key issue"...
Dancing Pixie - Sean....what is your opinion of "groupies"?
Camelback_circus - Yasmin Bleath or Jennifer aniston????
captain pipi - is it a bit too early in the morning for you ?
Johan - Sean is watching the oven, he and Layne and Jerry is making cookies....
Sean Kinney - whoami...I didn't know that they'd broken up and Angel Dust is one of my favorite animnals.
Sean Kinney - He meant albums (typist f**cked up).
Cobra - Sean...are you coming to Reno, NV soon?
captain pipi - I like cookies !! what kind ?
Sean Kinney - dancing...None.
whoami - sean - really ? they broke up this weekend...sad news for us you are one too?
SPAM - this is the only time ill ever get to speak with you so i guess i should think of something good to say or ask
Sean Kinney - camel...Neither...Gary Coleman.
Roz - Sean ... I gotta go ... it's been great ... stay cool ... ! Ciao! whoami - bye roz
SPAM - sean-do you have a girlfriend?
Camelback_circus - AC COBRA OR DODGE VIPER??????????
Sean Kinney - Bye, Roz!
captain pipi - bye bye
Sean Kinney - camel...AC Cobra
imp - logged on. - from 204.252 using Mozilla/2.0 (compatible; MSIE 3.02; Win32) on Wed Apr 29 12:19pm PT)
whoami - you got a typist - holy sheet
Melting Mirror Smile - You have someone typing for you?.. being a drummer and all?..
Dancing Pixie - coke or pepsi?....LOL
Sean Kinney - dancing...coke
Camelback_circus - you like the same car as me cool..........................Green drum kit or Red drum kit????
whoami - left or right *hmmmmm*
HitMe! - No REAL drummer would use a keyboard! lol
Sean Kinney - It's hard to type from inside my iron lung...
SPAM - yeh, coke rules
Sean Kinney -
ThemBones - logged on. - from 205.242 using Mozilla/4.02 [en]C-DIAL (Win95; U) on Wed Apr 29 12:20pm PT)
Sean Kinney - spam...supersize or just regular?
captain pipi - I thought you said you drove a Harley ?
Camelback_circus - NO NO NO No real rich person would type them selves
SPAM - huh? whaddaya mean sean?
Melting Mirror Smile - That untitled Dirt song, does it do Iron Gland or Iron God or WHAT?..
Dancing Pixie - Sean.....ever consider a career in comedy?
whoami - bu-doing!
Camelback_circus - boobies or toeties what sounds better???
SPAM - whose car was the one in the nona tapes?
imp - logged off. - from 204.252 using Mozilla/2.0 (compatible; MSIE 3.02; Win32) on Wed Apr 29 12:22pm PT)
whoami - mms> i thought it was tom araya syaing "i am ugly"
Camelback_circus - i meant toeties!!!!
Camelback_circus - damn it doesnt print up nips
Sean Kinney - spam...I believe in Dog.
SPAM - i always thought it was iron gland
HitMe! - Aren't ya going to be here AGAIN next week Sean????
whoami - am i right or wrong???
Serenity - logged on. - from 205.242 using Mozilla/4.02 [en]C-DIAL (Win95; U) on Wed Apr 29 12:23pm PT)
SPAM - haha, cool
captain pipi - do you believe in me ?
Sean Kinney - hitme...Yes...
Serenity - I'm back. Yay.
Johan - Do you have a temple for that dog?
Sean Kinney - May 6th from Hawaii...
SPAM - am i wrong, have i run too far to get home?
Sean Kinney - In a thong bikini drinking a Chi Chi on the beach...
whoami - we can enjoy the sean kinney comedy session all over again NEXT week???
Camelback_circus - American football or HOckey???
Dancing Pixie - don't sunburn yer ass....
SPAM - and go on a hunger strike for the dog
Serenity - What do you think of the drum TABs of your stuff on the web?
Johan - With a jesus christ woody in the pants
not a phase - hahahahaha!!!!
whoami - sean, gotta clear this iron/ugly thing up for me...
SPAM - How long are you gonna be in this chat sean?
Dancing Pixie - NAP.......weird huh?!..LOL
not a phase - need plenty of aloe vera on hand if you're gonna wear a thong bikini in Hawaii!! Yeah Pixie, what a trip!
Sean Kinney - whoami...It's Iron Gland...
Johan - how long are u gonna be alive sean
whoami - *sob* all this time...and i thought wrong...
captain pipi - yeah how long ? are you just gonna sit and say nothing all the time ?
SPAM - yes iron gland cool!!!
Sean Kinney -
Serenity - It really annoys me about all these rumours about Layne and AiC in general... from what I've heard, Layne's an armless AIDs patient, and the band broke up for good. Which is undoubtedly all bullsh*t.
SPAM - i wonder why there arent like a million people here
Camelback_circus - ok the end scored nill points but you get to kiss the midget!!!!
Sean Kinney - serenity...ditto, you're not alone.
captain pipi - I guess Sean isn't that popular after all
SPAM - sean i think each member of alice should do a solo project like kiss did
not a phase - I think all fans feel that way. I know I do.
Sean Kinney - captain...:(
SPAM - even that bear guy did one
Camelback_circus - Are you guys back rehersing yet Sean....?
Melting Mirror Smile - What's the deal with the lack of drum solos during your shows?..
Sean Kinney - camel...Yes, next week or so...
whoami - my intestines keep spilling out onto the keyboard.
Serenity - Yeah... why don't some of the band members do a press conference. I heard that Jerry has an interview on MTV coming up or something... he should address it all and stop the insanity.
captain pipi - and play in a couple of bad movies !!
SPAM - it musta been cool opening for them
SPAM - oh yeh and singing beth, haha that was cool!!!
whoami - yeah - and then you can all get back together, and wear makeup and breath fire and stuff...way cool (?)
Camelback_circus - Drum Solos are for drummers with no neather regions....its like guys with porsches
Serenity - Do you guys still occasionally talk to Mike Starr? I'm afraid to ask, but what actually happened with him?
Sean Kinney - spam...I've always wanted to sing Beth...A dream come true.
SPAM - did anyone else here see jerry on politically incorrect? did you sean?
Camelback_circus - yeah what happened to MIke STar????
Sean Kinney - spam...I saw about 5 minutes of it. Captain Kirk - COOL!
whoami - hey sean, why don't you start singing all the time ? then you could be like those other great rock drummer icons - ringo starr and phil collins.
Johan - Yeah what happened to him?
Serenity - Politically Incorrect? He said like nothing, but he and the Species chick seemed to be flirting.
Camelback_circus - RINGO STARR hardly the most famous of the beatles
Sean Kinney - Last question...'til next week...
Johan - we miss Mike Starr
violetscare - hey ,this is norma ia am from mexico city i will have to log off in a little while not my choice but are you gonna be there in half an hour???
not a phase - What's next week?
Dancing Pixie - Bye Sean!
Serenity - What happened to Mike Starr... final question
Melting Mirror Smile - MORE DRUM SOLOS MAN!
StickMan - He'll be back NEXT week too!!! DOH!
Camelback_circus - what did Ringo end up doing?? THomas The Tank Engine
Sean Kinney - serenity...He quit.
Johan - MIke Starr????????
Serenity - I see.... hmmm.
SPAM - whose idea was the nona tapes?
Sean Kinney - mms...You do them.
whoami - ringo related to mike (just a thought)
not a phase - Bye Sean!! Thank you for doing this!!!
Serenity - That's one for the books. Really makes you think.
SPAM - pudding this messed up again
Camelback_circus - Sean is the man with the paln and we all bow to the best Seattle drummer on the planet
Serenity - Not really
Johan - bye sean
Melting Mirror Smile - This one's in the name of SEAN!
captain pipi - bye Sean !! thanks a lot .... seriously!!!
Serenity - BYE, SEAN!!!! CHAT WITH YOU SOON!!!!!
whoami - thanks for the chat sean, it was really...enlightening
Sean Kinney - I've gotta' go get a pedicure and a high colonic...
Moderator - Hi this is Al (Boom Theory) .. Sean will be signing off now so that we can take him out to lunch. I want to go on record as saying that this chat has produced some of the most brain dead mother forders that I have seen in my life. It was an honor to be pa
Serenity - See ya May 6th!!!!!!
Johan - this really sucked sean!
SPAM - see ya sean!!
whoami - cheers al. you really are a big pile of turd, man.
Moderator - ...part of this Chat Live!....
Camelback_circus - Great to speak to you Sean................I just love guys who like AC Cobras
Serenity - see ya, Al-man!
Camelback_circus - Thanks to the Modrator
Serenity - And a final bye and thank you to Sean!
Moderator - See you all next week with Matt Cameron (11:00am PT, 7:00pm PT) and Sean Kinney (6:30pm PT) May 6th!!!