Chat Live! - Sean Kinney
May 6th, 1998

Moderator - Hi! This is Al Adinolfi at Boom Theory in Seattle on behalf of everyone here, we want to welcome you to Sean's Chat Live! Kinney-san will be linking with us in about half an hour! In the meantime, have a great time!
shannie - I cannot wait to see the concert!
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Social Parasite - Mark is cool...
Nona Weisbaum - Heya!
Sabian - Does anyone else play the drums?
shannie - hey Nona
Rock - up
Melting Mirror Smile - Sabian... yes.
discothyc - i think it will be pretty good,i like the screaming trees too so i can't see why i won't.
Rock - i do sabian
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discothyc - So social,what do you think,will the disinformation cd be any good?
Sabian - To the drummers: Who are your favorite drummers (besides Jerry)
Sean - logged on. - from 166.55 using Mozilla/4.0 (compatible; MSIE 4.01; Windows 95) on Wed May 6 6:13pm PT)
Social Parasite - Well, either way, I'm going to be at the music store at Midnight buying it. :)
discothyc - i also read that Mark Lanagian has his 3rd solo cd coming out soon
discothyc - Same here
Moderator - You know, Al lied... Sean is now online with us!!!
Rock - i like bill ward and jimmy chamberlain
Social Parasite - It should be cool, but I wanna hear Layne every now and then.
Moderator - Let's get this Chat rolling!
Sean Kinney - Hello!
Moderator - Heeere's Sean!!!!!
Melting Mirror Smile - Sabian... Danny Carey or Matt Cameron... altough Barrett Martin is a badass as well..
Social Parasite - Hey, what's up!!
Arashiken - hi
shannie - hi Sean!
sydie - hi sean, how is Hawaii?
Polly Rhythm - Hi Sean... are you TAN now???
discothyc - yeah,he's got to have something coming out in the near future.At least i hope so.
Sean Kinney - sydie...It's nice, kinda' raining on and off.
Sabian - What up Sean?
Social Parasite - I bet it's too windy... :)
discothyc - Hey Sean
Sabian - Sean, did you change your set-up any for Lane's album
shannie - what ever happened to May flowers
sydie - Way back in Irvine,Ca in 1993 I met you and you gave me a snickers. I still have it!
LayneNugget - logged on. - from 152.163 using Mozilla/2.0 (compatible; MSIE 3.0; AOL 3.0; Windows 3.1) on Wed May 6 6:17pm PT)
Social Parasite - Someday I see one of AIC in person...
LayneNugget - Hello?
Sean Kinney - sabian...Layne's not making an album that I know of but I did use different set ups on Jerry's record.
discothyc - Sean,i saw you guys play in Buffalo N.Y. back in 92 opening for Ozzy.Iread that you guys went to the Continenel bar after the show.Did you like it? If you remember.
Melting Mirror Smile - Hey Sean, guess what song I am listenig to at the moment...
Rock - o
Sabian - I got my artists mixed up, sorry
Melting Mirror Smile - Stairway To Heaven!
Sickgirl - logged on. - from 152.163 using Mozilla/2.0 (compatible; MSIE 3.02; AOL 4.0; Windows 95) on Wed May 6 6:18pm PT)
Nona Weisbaum - This chat is so different from AOL...
Sean Kinney - sydie...Eat it or I want it back.
Social Parasite - So what drummers do you like/respect, Sean?
Sabian - Did you change it drum wise, cymbal wise or both
Sean Kinney - discothyc...We've been in a lot of bars.
ToxiC - logged on. - from 152.163 using Mozilla/2.0 (compatible; MSIE 3.02; Update a; AOL 4.0; Windows 95) on Wed May 6 6:19pm PT)
Polly Rhythm - What are ya eating over there in Hawaii?? Did you have any Saimin or Lau Lau?
ToxiC - hey sean!
shannie - Sean when the tour comes to Nashville why don't you stop by for a drink!
Sickgirl - Umm....testing testing
Social Parasite - I'd buy you a beer if you ever stop by Dearborn, MI.
Sean Kinney - socialparasite...Anybody who plays
B1ister - logged on. - from 204.112 using Mozilla/4.01 [en] (Win95; I) on Wed May 6 6:20pm PT)
Sean Kinney - sabian...Both
sydie - I'll bring it to you in Hawaii- but it's smooshed. Do you need some beer or gatorade to wash it down?
LayneNugget - how ya doin seanie?
Sabian - What were the cymbals that you used (especially the ride)
shannie - Socialparasite - we know Sean's favorite drink is water
Sean Kinney - polly...Just bowls of poi, vats of poi.
Sickgirl - Testing...
Rock - hey sean what are your plans for after the tour?
Sean Kinney - shannie...When are we going to be in Nashville?
shannie - July 24th
discothyc - Sean,who makes those fabulous christmass cards we get from the fan club every so often?
Sean Kinney - sabian...19 to a 22 heavy AAs.
Sabian - Who is your all time favorite drummer
BoggyAlice - Did you beat Al in that arm wrestling match when you were there last???
Social Parasite - He won't tell us...
shannie - you wouldn't happen to know anybody - say in the band - that could get me backstage??
ToxiC - Sean, you once said this: "Hate those guys. We hate each other. Sometimes we'll get in our big cadillacs and do drive-bys on eachother's houses. We're like rival gangs." Sean On Soundgarden Matt Cameron, in response, said this -- "He's jealous because Soundgarden could always beat up Alice In Chains musically and physically."....what do you have to say sean?
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BoggyAlice - How big are your arms???
Sean Kinney - sabian...God
LayneNugget - Sean, you playin any clubs on your free days during this tour???
Spam - hey sean!!
Cronky - logged on. - from 203.28 using Mozilla/4.04 [en] (Win95; I ;Nav) on Wed May 6 6:23pm PT)
Rock - ok
Sean Kinney - boggy...Ripped his arm clean off.
Sabian - Come visit me in D.C when you play with Metallica
shannie - Did you take your monkey to Hawaii?
Spam - i made a site for you. it's at you guys and you sean should check it out
Cronky - Sean, I want to hear the answer to ToxiC's question too!
Rock - hey sean what are your plans after the tour?
Social Parasite - Yeah, me too.
Sean Kinney - toxic...What Soundgarden? They don't exist.
Sean Kinney - boggy...27" pythons
B1ister - sean - will you be getting audience members to play drum solos on the Jerry tour?
Sean Kinney - layne...probably.
sydie - Sean I was just wondering, why do you stand up when you hit the cymbals in "bleed the freak"?
BAMA - logged on. - from 12.6 using Mozilla/3.01C-KIT (Win95; U) on Wed May 6 6:25pm PT)
ToxiC - I guess you must have said that when they didnt break up yet...and Matt Cameron said that you remember saying that?
Polly Rhythm - What do you think about female drummers?
Sean Kinney - shannie...Of course!
Sabian - Yeah, Blister I'm playing the one in D.C
discothyc - Sean,do you guys like monty python at all?
Nona Weisbaum - logged on. - from 152.163 using Mozilla/2.0 (compatible; MSIE 3.0; AOL 3.0; Windows 3.1) on Wed May 6 6:26pm PT)
Melting Mirror Smile - Sean, so have you already decided on who's gonna be in your touring band?..
Sickgirl - logged on. - from 152.163 using Mozilla/2.0 (compatible; MSIE 3.0; AOL 3.0; Windows 95) on Wed May 6 6:26pm PT)
Social Parasite - Is there really a chance of a Jerry Cantrell only tour?
BAMA - What is Layne doing these days?
Spam - anybody check out my site?? once again, it needs some work, i know
LayneNugget - MERLE HAGGARD!!!
Cronky - Sean - Do you AICs song 'Right Turn' much?
Sherry - logged on. - from 152.163 using Mozilla/2.0 (compatible; MSIE 3.02; Update a; AK; AOL 3.0; Windows 95) on Wed May 6 6:27pm PT)
shannie - Of course, was that the reply to my 1st or 2nd question?
Sean Kinney - polly...I think female drummers are great. I think there should more of them.
Nona Weisbaum - logged on. - from 152.163 using Mozilla/2.0 (compatible; MSIE 3.0; AOL 3.0; Windows 3.1) on Wed May 6 6:28pm PT)
Sean Kinney - disco...Yes, I can't wait to see "Fear & Loathing in Las Vegas".
Polly Rhythm - Sean, I want to get some new drums, and I ran across this web site because of your chat. How ARE these spacemuffin drums? Should I get them?
Sean Kinney - social...Yeah, we're touring this summer with Metallica and Days of the New.
BAMA - Would you rather play a small venue or a huge venue?
Rock - sean what are you gonna do when the tour is over?
Rock - sean what are you gonna do when the tour is over?
discothyc - What's your favorite Monty python film?
Sean Kinney - cronky...No, only once in the studio and never again.
Sherry - hey sean--you are the awesomest drummer, just thought i would tell ya that. I am excited to see you and Jerry in August in San Francisco
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Sabian - What splash cymbals do you use
Rock - oops said that twice, sorry
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Nona Weisbaum - If you could be any animal, what would you be?
shannie - I would just like to thank you for changing my life.
LayneNugget - Agh, why does everything have to give me such a problem?!?!
Social Parasite - Sean-I know about the Metallica/DOTN gig. How about something without Metallica, so I can get tickets! :)
BAMA - What is your favorite new band?
Sean Kinney - polly...Yes, they're great. Try the electro-acoustic ones - X-Series.
martin andér - logged on. - from 130.244 using Mozilla/4.04 [en] (Win95; I ;Nav) on Wed May 6 6:30pm PT)
Sean Kinney - bama...I like small ones better, they're more intimate.
Cronky - logged off. - from 203.28 using Mozilla/4.04 [en] (Win95; I ;Nav) on Wed May 6 6:30pm PT)
Polly Rhythm - Thanks Sean! wow.... I'm talking to Sean Kinney!! cool!
Rock - i wouldn't want to be an animal, i'd want to be MUD
Sean Kinney - disco...It's gotta' be the "Holy Grail"
sydie - Sean, I really need to know why you stand up during "bleed the freak" I have wondered for years!!!
ToxiC - Here's a good question!...was it your idea, Jerry's idea, or both to use quintuple meter on the chorus of "Keep the Light On"..?
martin andér - hey sean! there's this one thing we HAVE to get sorted out:
Social Parasite - Yeah, smaller is better in terms of a tour. So, when are you going to do a small tour?
marrra - Sean... What are you listening to right now?
Sean Kinney - sabian...Various 8s, 10s, AAs
shannie - I have to take this moment to thank Sean for changing my life.
BAMA - I'm a new AIC fan. Why is AIC on hiatus?
BoggyAlice - ***>>>SEAN<<<*** Who is your Favorite drummer?
martin andér - sean>> earlier today, someone asked matt cameron if he was friends with you. the guy also mentioned that you once said (about soundgarden): "hate those guys. we hate each other. sometimes we'll get in our big cadillacs and do drive-bys on each other's houses. we're like rival gangs." and matt answered: "he's (you are) jealous because soundgarden could always beat up alice in chains musically and physically." what's up with that? surely you, of all guys, must be able to kick that little skinny guy's ass? :-)
Sabian - Who is your favorite "new " drummer
Nona Weisbaum - I'd probably be a goat. No one messes with goats. - logged on. - from 152.163 using Mozilla/2.0 (compatible; MSIE 3.0; AOL 3.0; Windows 95) on Wed May 6 6:32pm PT)
Sean Kinney - sydie...Why not stand up.
marrra - Sean... Besides working on JC's solo album, what have you been up lately?
discothyc - What else could it be but holy grail,i see your a man of the finer arts like myself!
sickgirl - logged on. - from 152.163 using Mozilla/2.0 (compatible; MSIE 3.0; AOL 3.0; Windows 95) on Wed May 6 6:32pm PT)
Rock - press
Sean Kinney - toxic...Mine.
Sabian - What drums did you use on the Jerry album
marrra - Sean... How do you feel about Matt Cameron calling Boggy Depot *business as usual*?
B1ister - Sean - there are no Jerry tour dates scheduled for most of August.. is that Break Time or are more dates being scheduled?
Sean Kinney - social...No plans yet but I think we'll be playing some smaller clubs along the way.
marrra - Sean... do you consider rock (& pop) business, art or entertainment?
LayneNugget - Hey Sean! What do you think of inflatable furnature?
Sean Kinney - sabian...Satan is my favorite drummer.
BoggyAlice - What do you think of Lars??? Do you even WANT to tour with Metallica?
marrra - Sean... can u tell us about the most weird performance u ever had?
sydie - you've gotta show off those sexy pecs huh?!!! not that any of us mind!!!
Sherry - what is your favorite song on Jerry's new album?
Social Parasite - Yeah, I hope you guys do some smaller shows. I really want to see you live before I die.
Sabian - Is God your favorite Bass player
Sean Kinney - sabian...My nephew.
Spam - logged on. - from 205.188 using Mozilla/2.0 (compatible; MSIE 3.0; AOL 3.0; Windows 95) on Wed May 6 6:34pm PT)
Sean Kinney - He's 3
shannie - is Layne ok?
sickgirl - hello?
martin andér - sean>> earlier today, someone asked matt cameron if he was friends with you. the guy also mentioned that you once said (about soundgarden): "hate those guys. we hate each other. sometimes we'll get in our big cadillacs and do drive-bys on each other's houses. we're like rival gangs." and matt answered: "he's (you are) jealous because soundgarden could always beat up alice in chains musically and physically." what's up with that? surely you, of all guys, must be able to kick that little skinny guy's ass? :-)
Sean Kinney - martin...I already answered that one.
ToxiC - cool...did you also suggest mixed meters in Dickeye?
discothyc - Sean,what was it like do that interview cd that came out with the self toeled album? I laugh at some of the answers you guys gave to those questions.
Spam - my comp keeps messing up
Nona Weisbaum - Hey Sean...are you going to sing "Beth" on the tour?
lily. - logged on. - from 203.30 using Mozilla/2.0 (Win95; I; 16bit) on Wed May 6 6:34pm PT)
Spam - so did anyone see my page?
BAMA - Did you like Mad Season music?
marrra - Sean... Are you decided on the line up for the upcoming tour? What about the rumor that Chris DeGarmo of Queensryche is taking over second guitar?
LayneNugget - Whos your favorite female singer Seanie?
AICRul3s - logged on. - from 152.163 using Mozilla/2.0 (compatible; MSIE 3.02; Update a; AK; AOL 3.0; Windows 95) on Wed May 6 6:35pm PT)
Sean Kinney - rock...Going to your house - is that cool?
martin andér - sean>> sorry... i just logged on, and can't see the first messages...
marrra - Sean... can u tell us about the most weird performance u ever had?
Spam - Sean-who's your favorite band?? besides yourself, of course
LayneNugget - Hows Layne doin? Do you keep in touch with him often?
Sean Kinney - marrra...When I get back from Hawaii me & Jerry are going to put together a band.
Sean Kinney - bama...Yes.
marrra - Sean... what was the biggest cultural event of your life so far?
Rock - um.. YEAH definatley but seriousy....
BAMA - Any chances of Chris Cornell hooking up with AIC? That would be a decent combo!
shannie - what AIC
Sean Kinney - marrra...Earth
marrra - Sean... How do you feel about your cameo appearance in the Cut You In vid?
Social Parasite - So then Chris DeGarmo hasn't even been considered?
Melting Mirror Smile - Sean, any new drummer jokes?...
martin andér - sean>> by the way, who won that arm wrestle match, you or al? (assuming you haven't already answered that one :-)
Sean Kinney - bama...No, but I jam with him all the time. He's my pal.
Rock - d
byby - logged on. - from 207.180 using Mozilla/4.04 [en] (Win95; I) on Wed May 6 6:37pm PT)
marrra - Sean, for how long do you plan to continue in this business?
Sean Kinney - marrra...I liked being a Guido.
RangerRudd - logged on. - from 152.163 using Mozilla/2.0 (compatible; MSIE 3.02; Update a; AOL 3.0; Windows 95) on Wed May 6 6:38pm PT)
BAMA - Besides Stairway to Heaven, what do you listen to?(newer bands)
discothyc - Sean,ever get back into clowning? Iknow you had to stop when the last album came out.
Rock - hey sean is aic gonna ever make another album or tour?
Sean Kinney - social...Chris has been in touch with us but we haven't played with him yet but I'm sure we will.
Sabian - How do you practice when you are on tour?
Spam - sean...what was your favorite album to make?
marrra - Sean... what's your take on rock press?
BoggyAlice - I snuck into the NAMM show in LA, and saw Al jamming... Do you and Al ever play together? (Hi Al!!!)
Sean Kinney - marrra...Til the year 2007 when I will then become a Buddist monk.
sydie - The weather is real nice in San Diego- why don't you come and play down here?
Sean Kinney - rock...I don't know.
Rock - ts
Sean Kinney - sabian...Playing shows.
marrra - Sean... I was wondering what do u think about Faith No More...R.I.P
LayneNugget - why is this dumb room giving me so many problems?
RangerRudd - Hi from the land of big trees and beaver pelts are scarce!!
Sean Kinney - spam...Sergeant Peppers.
BoggyAlice - I'm just a nobody, so Al probably doesn't remember me, but thanks for the tshirt!
lily. - any plans for the future?
marrra - Sean... what do you think was Alice In Chains best work?
martin andér - Heard backstage: "Will the musicians and the drummer please come to the stage !"
Nona Weisbaum - I hate computers....I fordin' hate 'em...
Sean Kinney - sydie...I'm sure we'll be playing there.
BAMA - Would you rather play aggressive stuff(Dirt) or slow(Jar of Flies)?
LayneNugget - Sean, im convinced youre ignoring me.
LayneNugget - hitting Update?
Sean Kinney - marrra...Bad.
shannie - when you are on tour where do you sleep? Bus?Hotel?
Sabian - Will you do a drum solo for me when the Metallica tour comes to D.C?
marrra - Sean... what do you think of the Rolling Stones?
Sean Kinney - boggy...We'll send you more shirts even though you're a nobody.
Spam - sean...would you say jerry is your best friend?
Nona Weisbaum - Heh, the chat just edited my cheesy.
AICRul3s - that's because they are all sick of questions about layne! you guys should just leave them and layne alone and let him do his thing. : ) I love them nice.
Sean Kinney - marrra...The next record we make.
shannie - logged on. - from 152.163 using Mozilla/2.0 (compatible; MSIE 3.02; Update a; AK; AOL 4.0; Windows 95) on Wed May 6 6:41pm PT)
Hate to Feel - logged on. - from 152.163 using Mozilla/2.0 (compatible; MSIE 3.0; AOL 3.0; Windows 95) on Wed May 6 6:41pm PT)
LayneNugget - Whats goin on with Jer? is there a specific reason he cancelled that show in MA???
Spam - dont answer if you dont want to
discothyc - Sean,what are some of your interests outside of music?
deke - logged on. - from 152.163 using Mozilla/2.0 (compatible; MSIE 3.02; Update a; AK; AOL 3.0; Windows 95) on Wed May 6 6:42pm PT)
LayneNugget - Whens my Fan Club stuff comming?
ToxiC - Sean, do you think that you will cut another album with Jerry after the tour?...( mabey AIC for that matter...)
marrra - Sean... for how long do you think you could live without beating drums - or anything else?
BoggyAlice - Cool.... I'l email you my address!
Spam - what do you think of soundgarden? right now Down on the Upside and Boggy Depot are the 2 cds i listen to
BAMA - When Chains regroups, will you continue to play good music, or will you "change with the times?(electronic)
Hate to Feel - hello?
LayneNugget - Nobody loves me, everyone hates me.....
Sean Kinney - disco...Clowning, interpretive dance.
marrra - Sean... Do you expect any changes (both musically & overall) with the new millenium coming?
Rock - are you guys gonna make a new video off boggy?
Sean Kinney - layne...I'm working on it.
shannie - Layne go buy a self esteem
Sean Kinney - toxic...Yes, probably.
Hate to Feel - Ok, I just want to let everyone know that Rock is a saint!!! Thank you!!
Sean Kinney - marrra...About a week.
martin andér - another one: Why do guitarists put drumsticks on the dash of their car?
LayneNugget - Sean, you gettin tired of my dumb questions? i got lots more for ya...
Sean Kinney - bama...We will not change with the times. We'll play what we want.
Nona Weisbaum - you play any other instruments besides drums?
marrra - Sean... What was the weirdest thing you've got to know about yourself from the media?
shannie - logged on. - from 152.163 using Mozilla/2.0 (compatible; MSIE 3.02; Update a; AK; AOL 4.0; Windows 95) on Wed May 6 6:44pm PT)
Sean Kinney - layne...Lighten up, put on a happy face!
GotmeWrong - logged on. - from 138.237 using Mozilla/1.22 (Windows; I; 16bit) on Wed May 6 6:44pm PT)
LayneNugget - i have no self-esteem!!!
Sean Kinney - rock...Most likely.
marrra - Sean... If you had three wishes, what would they be?
Melting Mirror Smile - Sean, do you have a nickname?..
LayneNugget - Awww...thanks Seanie, i love ya!!
BAMA - It may be none of my business, but are you confident that Layne will be healthy enough for a new Chains album in the near future?
AICRul3s - do you ever read the angry chair mailing list??
martin andér - So they can park in the handicapped spot.
sydie - I'm planning a trip to seattle in the summer-please tell me some cool places to hang out.
Spam - hey sean i made a site all about you
LayneNugget - you dont mind me callin ya Seanie, do you?
RangerRudd - logged on. - from 152.163 using Mozilla/2.0 (compatible; MSIE 3.02; Update a; AOL 3.0; Windows 95) on Wed May 6 6:46pm PT)
Sean Kinney - nona...A little guitar, a little piano.
marrra - Sean... What's your opinion on the legalization of the so called soft drugs?
Spam - cuz jerry and layne have one...
shannie - are you excited about starting the tour, since it has been so long since the last one?
Sean Kinney - marrra...That I'm short, fat and red headed.
BoggyAlice - How does Al play his drums after you tore off his arms?
marrra - Sean... The biggest mistake of your life?
Rock - sean what song do you think you'll make a video out of next if you do? if you don't know what would you like it to be?
LayneNugget - Hey, you gonna grow yer hair back out?
Spam - you wanna see the site? anybody?
RangerRudd - Must....push mouse in ....
ToxiC - If you do Alice songs on the tour, which ones would you do?...( the "Jerry" ones like HBY, Over Now, etc... )'re not doing "Layne" ones....unless Layne is coming....that would rule.
Sean Kinney - marrra...I think they should legalize marajuana.
Sean Kinney - shannie...Yes.
LayneNugget - ...and dye it Purple!! Sean, you'd look so good qith Purple hair!!!
Social Parasite - Getting tired of all the fines?
deke - what was your favoite album to make
shannie - Spam - we want to chat with Sean and then we willsee your sight
Hate to Feel - Hate
BAMA - I agree ToxiC, that would RULE!!
Nona Weisbaum - Ever think of going into acting?
shannie - I mean site
Hate to Feel - sorry, I didnt mean that
BoggyAlice - Are you going to surf in Hawaii??
Sean Kinney - toxic...Yeah, we'll probably play AIC songs - the ones he sang and wrote. Layne may show up.
martin andér - An amateur drummer dies and goes to heaven. While he is waiting outside the pearly gates, he hears some incredibly fast drumming coming from within heaven. He immediately recognizes the playing, and asks St. Peter if that really is Buddy Rich playing drums in heaven. St. Peter responds:
BAMA - SEAN--------Ever hear of a Birmingham band called Verbena? They're great!
LayneNugget - Dammit hes ignoring me again
Hate to Feel - Hey Sean, whats your favorite movie?
marrra - Sean... Marrrrajuana... grrreat! Working on a receipt right now!
Social Parasite - Sean- Stupid question, but it will settle a bet : What kind of cigarettes do you smoke?
Sabian - What was the ride i n "cut you in"
martin andér - St. Peter responds: "No, that's God. He just thinks that he's Buddy Rich."
LayneNugget - Sean i thought you were my bud....
shannie - do you think you could bring Layne to Nashville?
shannie - do you think you could bring Layne to Nashville?
Sean Kinney - boggy...Been doin' it!
marrra - Sean... What would you be now if you weren't a musician - drummer, that is!
shannie - does your monkey tour with you
discothyc - Sean,if alice ever did a whole album of covers what songs would you like to do? Besides stairway to heaven of course.
LayneNugget - I'm gettin depressed again here...
Sean Kinney - social...I don't smoke...cigarettes
sydie - Does layne like san diego? put in a good word so he'll show up O.K.!
byby - Sean, what was your most challenging aic song to play?
Social Parasite - Yeah, I figured that...
Hate to Feel - Are you as good at playing darts as the Sony site claims?
marrra - Sean... Who would you like to swap lives with, having an unlimited choice?
Spam - logged on. - from 152.163 using Mozilla/2.0 (compatible; MSIE 3.02; AOL 4.0; Windows 95) on Wed May 6 6:51pm PT)
Melting Mirror Smile - ok, my turn, How can you tell when the drum riser is level?
LayneNugget - Club Layne over the head and drag him to Hartford CT!!!!
Sean Kinney - marrra...I'd be dead.
Melting Mirror Smile - Drool comes out of both sides of the drummer's mouth.
BAMA - What other bands do you listen to?
Spam - comp best not mess up again...
martin andér - MMS>> *lol* :-)
Sean Kinney - hate...Never saw that. I don't even play darts.
sydie - Sean- we've got good pot and waves in san diego- who needs Hawaii!!!!
Hate to Feel - arrggh, I cant think of any good questions
marrra - Sean... Lucky for both sides (IMHO) that you're still alive!
Spam - sean, are you EVER serious?
Polly Rhythm - Who was your main influence (drummer-wsie) when you were growing up?
Nona Weisbaum - Oh sure, tonight is the night I have computer problems...damn I hate technology...sort of.
BAMA - I hear Travis Meeks is a brat. Ever met him?
zamsky - Do you enjoy touring?
martin andér - "Hey buddy, how late does the band play ?"
Spam - sean>>ever thought of being a stand up comedian?
Sean Kinney - spam...No.
martin andér - "Oh, about a half beat behind the drummer."
marrra - Sean... Do you mind AIC music having been labelled depressive?
LayneNugget - I hate Bob Saget!!!
Sabian - I've had this day on my Carmen Electra calendar for 2 months now
BAMA - Do you have to type for yourself
Sean Kinney - polly...Buddy Rich, Ginger Baker, John Bonham...everyone.
marrra - Sean... Your favorite track off the Boggy Depot album?
Sean Kinney - and throw a little Mitch Mitchell in there too.
LayneNugget - Hey, do you got that guy to type for you again???
Melting Mirror Smile - Martin, too funny...
Rock - nona you don't hate tech... then there wouldn't be rocklists...
Sabian - What do you think of Carter Beauford
Sean Kinney - bama...Who is Travis Meeks?
Spam - what question was that response to sean?
LayneNugget - I wish i had a guy to type for me
shannie - do you get tired of being asked questions about AIC?
BAMA - Travis Meeks is the lead vocalist for Days of the New
Melting Mirror Smile - Sean, when you die, how do you want to go?..
discothyc - Sean,you see nlike a re na nd stimpy type of guy.Do you like them?
RangerRudd - Dont forget the ranger...cant get this to work
right...gotta get my chain saw....
GotmeWrong - Sean,.How does having a sense of humor help in the music industry?
marrra - Sean... Happy with the AIC remixes?
LayneNugget - So Sean, what do ya think of Merle Haggard????
ToxiC - Sean, did you ever write any sogs with AIC/Jerry that were based off drum beats first and then the rest was applied?
Spam - wait did anyone see my page? sorry to keep asking but my comp messes up each time...
Sean Kinney - zamski...Yes I like touring.
Social Parasite - What you said about Days Of The New last chat was funny. :)
Mel - logged on. - from 203.26 using Mozilla/2.0 (compatible; MSIE 3.0; Windows 95) on Wed May 6 6:55pm PT)
discothyc - Yes,my typing sucks!
byby - Please tell us about the composition of Frogs.
martin andér - I lady walks into a store and tell the man behind the counter she would like some musician brains. "Alright" he says, "What kind ?". "How much do they cost ?" she asks. "Well, those there are trumpeters at $5 a pound, those are french horns at $7 a pound, and those are conductors' at $10 a pound." He replies. "What are those way back there ?" she asks. "Those are drummers brains. They cost $100 a pound." He replies. "GOODNESS !", she exclaims, "Why are they so expensive ?" "Lady, do you realize how many drummers it takes to get a pound of brains ?!?!".
sydie - Was it cool when you were on tour with masters of reality? Since Ginger Baker is one of your influences.
Nona Weisbaum - Ok I got a drummer joke too..."What were the drummer's last words before he got kicked out of the band?" "Hey, I got this new song I wrote..."
BAMA - What T.V. shows do you watch? Simpson's?
shannie - South Park?
Sean Kinney - gotmewrong...It makes it less painful while they f**ck you in the ass.
Polly Rhythm - what is it with all these drummer jokes???
ToxiC - Hey sean! Cut You In is on my local radio station right now!
LayneNugget - I think somethings wrong here...
Social Parasite - Ok, settle one more bet for me (if you can): What kind of cigarrettes does Jerry smoke?
Sean Kinney - sydie...Yes, I love the Masters of Reality, they're one of my favorite bands.
LayneNugget - This aint the real Sean!!! Its a man in drag!!!!
Nona Weisbaum - I'd tell some guitarist and bassist jokes but I don't know any...
Hate to Feel - Are you going to sing a couple Metallica songs on the tour Sean? I promise not to boo you
BoggyAlice - If I send Al a CD can you autograph it for me???
shannie - Sean you do seem to have the best sense of humor
Melting Mirror Smile - Q: What's the best way to confuse a drummer?
Sean Kinney - bama...I don't watch any TV religiously.
discothyc - Yes,my typing sucks!
Rock - i don't get it nona, i'm pretty retarded
BAMA - Do you resent MTV for not playing real rock music?
Melting Mirror Smile - A: Put a sheet of music in front of him.
Spam - sean, did you ever hear that police song their drummer wrote called "on any other day". it's HILLARIOUS!!
Sean Kinney - parasite...marlboro reds.
martin andér - From the Drummers Dictionary: "Accelerando, n.; drum fill, solo"
RangerRudd - Hear from Niko lately?
Social Parasite - Thanks Sean, you da man.
Nona Weisbaum - Layne...the man in drag is Jerry ;o)
marrra - Sean...Have you heard Scott Weiland's new album? Remarks?
Sean Kinney - boggy...Yeah, I will.
Sean Kinney - bama...I don't watch MTV.
GotmeWrong - Sean, Matt Cameron had some harsh words to say about AIC when it came to the relationship between AIC and Soundgarden, claiming that Soundgarden could both beat AIC musically, and physically. What is your view?
Hate to Feel - Hey Nona, did you ever get published?
LayneNugget - Sean you lucked out tonight, i cant think of stuff to bother you with.
BAMA - You can tell I'm a dedicated fan because I'm under a tornado warning right now.
Mel - logged off. - from 203.26 using Mozilla/2.0 (compatible; MSIE 3.0; Windows 95) on Wed May 6 6:59pm PT)
Spam - sean what do you think of soundgarden?
Sean Kinney - spam...Yes, I'm a big Police fan.
Sean Kinney - marrra...No.
shannie - So do you prefer Nintendo or sony playstation
Sean Kinney - marrra...Is it good? Worth getting?
BAMA - Do you think rock was better in the 70's than the 90's?
discothyc - Seam,what did you think of the screeming trees last album?
Sean Kinney - bama...Where do you live?
BAMA - I live just north of Birmingham
marrra - Sean... Listening to it right now... Well, listen to it first. It's pretty varied!
Sean Kinney - shannie...I like them both - have them both.
LayneNugget - Sean, would you rick your life to save mine?
Sean Kinney - bama...yes\
GotmeWrong - Sean..What do you think to date, the best piece of music you've helped to write?
Melting Mirror Smile - Sean, what do you think about the little drummer boy from Hanson?..
Sean Kinney - bama...yes
Spam - isnt that a great song? "my wife has burned the scrambled eggs...the dog has bit my leg..."
shannie - logged on. - from 152.163 using Mozilla/2.0 (compatible; MSIE 3.02; Update a; AK; AOL 4.0; Windows 95) on Wed May 6 7:01pm PT)
Nona Weisbaum -, but the experience was great, honey ;o)
BoggyAlice - Layne... let's give your question a tryout....>>>>>>> KABOOM!!!!>>>>>>
Sean Kinney - layne...Yes I would RICK my life to save you.
Hate to Feel - do you find it obsessive when fans know you or someone elses middle name?
LayneNugget - Sean, have you ever seen the "AIC ate my balls" page?
shannie - logged on. - from 152.163 using Mozilla/2.0 (compatible; MSIE 3.02; Update a; AK; AOL 4.0; Windows 95) on Wed May 6 7:02pm PT)
byby - Sean, if a drumstick falls in the forest and there's nobody there to hear it, does it make a sound?
shannie - regular Nintendo or Nintendo64
LayneNugget - HA!! I meant Risk, but im assumeing you knew that...
zamsky - What is the one question that you are sick of?
Natsuki - logged on. - from 139.182 using Mozilla/4.04 (Macintosh; U; PPC, Nav) on Wed May 6 7:03pm PT)
BAMA - Do you have a stereo system in your ride? If so what brand of subs?
LayneNugget - SEW EYE KANT SPEL, SOO ME!!!
martin andér - LayneNugget>> may i add that i'm the maintainer of mentioned site... (did you like it? :-)
Rock - sean, hat's your favorite song off boggy depot?
Sean Kinney - shannie...Nintendo 64
Hate to Feel - hey Kris, it looks like Weds isnt going to be on..should we say her haiku for her?
Sean Kinney - layne...No, I've never seen the AIC ate my balls page.
marrra - Sean...What do you think about all drummers based project? Would you go for it?
Sabian - logged on. - from 206.151 using Mozilla/3.04 (Win16; I) on Wed May 6 7:03pm PT)
LayneNugget - Kris is here?!??!
Natsuki - Hi, Sean.
LayneNugget - You should see it Sean, i cried when i first checked it out!
shannie - favorite game? have you played 1080?
RangerRudd - TirpPlay/Gameday98/bowling!!! very nice..
Sabian - My computer cut off but now I'm back
Sean Kinney - marrra...Definately - yes.
zamsky - Wh
martin andér - sean>> the "aic ate my balls" page is at:
Hate to Feel - yeah kirk
sydie - Sean, please tell me of some cool places in seattle to check out when I go there. i heard the central Tavern is cool.
LayneNugget - Heres a good one for ya...Do you hate Marcy Playground as much as i do?!??!?
zamsky - oops
martin andér - hmm... that would be
Sabian - Do you lift weights, run or do any other things to keep in shape while you are on tour?
Sean Kinney - sydie...The Central Tavern used to be cool but now it's not. Just go to Pioneer Square.
Hate to Feel - Do you like Pink Floyd Sean?
Nona Weisbaum - Oh! I didn't know it was you er...Megan (heh) Yeah, I think Sean should hear his haiku.
BoggyAlice - I think Sean arm wrestles Al to keep in shape...
ToxiC - sean, did you ever mess up drumming in a concert?
Sean Kinney - sabian...I masturbate 5 times a day.
byby - Sean, do you own a computer?
Sean Kinney - hate...Love the Floyd.
LayneNugget - You should do a show with Howard Stern
BAMA - Would you rather do an interview with a fanzine or a real magazine?
byby - If so, do you ever turn it on? How so?
Sabian - Just the answer I was looking too
Spam - logged on. - from 152.163 using Mozilla/2.0 (compatible; MSIE 3.0; AOL 3.0; Windows 95) on Wed May 6 7:06pm PT)
Hate to Feel - sorry for all the stupid questions, I cant think of anything creative
LayneNugget - WOAH!! 5 times a day?!??!?! Go Seanie!!
ToxiC - 1080 rocks
Sean Kinney - byby...Yes, but don't turn it on much
shannie - thinking about me again, Sean?
Polly Rhythm - Are there any other drummers in here???
marrra - Sean...Your bet on the longevity of the *electronica* thing?
Sean Kinney - bama...Neither
GotmeWrong - When you're in New England? what clubs do you think are pretty cool?
Spam - sean, do you believe computers are inherently evil?? i sure do
Sabian - Where was you favorite venue that you have ever played in
Hate to Feel - any plans for releasing the X rated Nona Tapes?
shannie - logged on. - from 152.163 using Mozilla/2.0 (compatible; MSIE 3.02; Update a; AK; AOL 4.0; Windows 95) on Wed May 6 7:07pm PT)
byby - Will you and Jerry be playing some smaller venues while you're on tour?
LayneNugget - Ok then, do you hate Bob Saget as much as i do?!?
Social Parasite - Hey Sean, if you do play some AIC material on the tour, you should do some of the old, bootleg only stuff. Can you remember any of it?
Natsuki - Have you ever tried any musical instruments besides drumms?
marrra - Sean...How do you feel doing this chat? Any WISH q's?
byby - Have you ever had sex with more than one woman at a time?
BAMA - Electronica sucks. Do you consider them musicians?
Sean Kinney - marrra...I will just say that I've already lived through the disco craze - it's disco 2000.
shannie - toxic - i think it is a blast to play
BAMA - Electronica sucks. Do you consider them musicians?
Sean Kinney - marrra...I will just say that I've already lived through the disco craze - it's disco 2000.
Nona Weisbaum - Ladies and Gentleman..the haiku you've all been waiting for...written by our good friend Wednesday...
Rock - sean, what bands or musicians inspired you when you were making music with aic?
B1ister - hehe... play Queen of the Rodeo!
shannie - logged on. - from 152.163 using Mozilla/2.0 (compatible; MSIE 3.02; Update a; AK; AOL 4.0; Windows 95) on Wed May 6 7:09pm PT)
byby - Drummers are supposed to be the most sexually active members of any band. Is that true?
Sean Kinney - sabian...Red Rocks.
marrra - Sean...How many bulbs does it take to change a drummer?
LayneNugget - ok then....
Sean Kinney - layne...Yes, he should be killed.
BoggyAlice - What are you going to do tonight after you're done with this chat??? Have you been to those Korean bars in Hawaii yet?
Spam - sean cant wait to see you live...what songs do you think youll most likely play?
LayneNugget - Do you hate it when people ignore you as much as i do?!?!
discothyc - Sean,ever think of entering the porn industry as Ron Jeremy's understudy?
BAMA - What are some of your favorite bands that we probably haven't heard of.
Hate to Feel - Sean, this is a Haiku my dear friend Lauren wrote for you, unfortunatly she isnt here tonight to be able to share it personally
Sabian - Did you like palying in D.C or surrounding areas?
marrra - Sean...Is there a song to make feel you dancing in public?
LayneNugget - ah, ok, i take thatlast one back
Rock - sean what do you think of puff daddy stealing music from one of your favorite bands (police)
Nona Weisbaum - This doesn't have a toele yet...but here it goes: "Drum, Sean, Drum....Do your groove thing on those drums...Man, you have nice arms" ~Wednesday (and she's gonna kill me)
Sean Kinney - spam...Most of Jerry's album and a few AIC songs that Jerry sang/wrote.
sydie - any chance of seeing you, jerry, layne or mike starr in pioneer square?
ToxiC - Sean, this is a really tough Q, and try not to answer Stairway to Heaven :)...but What AIC song do you like the most, for whatever reason?....( even I can't pick a favorite though ...)
Hate to Feel - Drum Sean Kinney, Drum...Do Your Groove Thing On The Drums...Man You've Got Nice Arms
Sean Kinney - boggy...I'm going to the Monkey Bar in Pearl Harbor.
Spam - sean, what two songs on boggy did you NOT play on?
LayneNugget - Sean, does it drive you nuts when people repeatedly type Sean...Sean...Sean...Sean...Sean...Sean...Sean...?
Hate to Feel - Umm, sorry for saying it twice, I didnt know Kris said it already
Sean Kinney - disco...Yes, I'm working on growing too much chest hair and getting fat.
shannie - sydie - what about Mike Inez?
BAMA - Do rock bands view the south as country music territory? Among young people where I live, Country sucks.
Sean Kinney - toxic...I like them all equally.
LayneNugget - Dont get fat!!!!
Sean Kinney - spam...I played on all of them.
LayneNugget - AGH!!1 its thundering!!!
Spam - thats cool sean...maybe ill FINALLY be able to hear DOWN IN A HOLE live (not including unplugged)
marrra - Sean...A bassist you'd pay to play with?
sydie - shannie- I have always been a mike starr fan...i'm still bitter
BoggyAlice - <<<>>>>
byby - Sean, what was your most challenging live performance? Why?
Spam - oh cool, i heard there were two songs that didnt have drums at all...thats cool though
Sean Kinney - shannie...Mike might go on tour with us but we don't know yet.
shannie - logged on. - from 152.163 using Mozilla/2.0 (compatible; MSIE 3.02; Update a; AK; AOL 4.0; Windows 95) on Wed May 6 7:13pm PT)
LayneNugget - Thanks Bog!
ToxiC - good question span!...why does it always say 10/12 trax anyway?
BAMA - Do you like "commercially popular" bands like 3rd Eye Blind? I don't
Sean Kinney - byby...Birth because my head was too big.
GotmeWrong - What is the best method of growing too much chest hair, and getting fat?
shannie - Sean - so at some point the whole band who was Alice, may e together again?
Nona Weisbaum - Megan...we gotta stop being Psychic Friends or something...our vibes are crossing
Sabian - It's after 10 and I have to study for my 8:00 exam tomorrow
LayneNugget - Hey!! Did you have fun at the "Dont call us, we'll call you" show???
byby - Guess you haven't changed much since birth, huh?
LayneNugget - Whats it like playin with Metallica?
Spam - any chance of you guys coming to my house and doing a show just for me just cuz you have a strange impulse???
Sean Kinney - bama...I can't tell them apart. Hootie, 3rd Eye, Matchbox all sound the same to me.
shannie - Sabian - you are still taking exams? have been done for a week. wha university do you go to?
Hate to Feel - yeah...stop thinking what Im thinking!!
zamsky - In that case, what do you think about the groups that try to copy AIC?
martin andér - Sabian>> well, i'm in sweden, and it's 4:18 am here...
LayneNugget - Are you friends with Pep Keenan?
marrra - Any plans to come to tour Europe?
Sean Kinney - layne...Yeah, it was great. Speaking of Faith No More Jim Martin was there.
Spam - do you believe in heaven?
Melting Mirror Smile - What would you be if you weren't a drummer?..
Social Parasite - Talking with Sean is worth screwing up an exam...
Sabian - shannie....I go to a community college in Va
LayneNugget - HOOTIE?!?!? Alright!
Sean Kinney - spam...Yeah, we already booked a tour. We're playing a BBQ.
sydie - do you wear boxers or soloilage????
discothyc - When you guys come to Darian lake( right outside Buffalo n.y.) make sure you guys go into the city and hit chippawah st. Tons of good bars there.
Hate to Feel - I thought Hootie and the Blowfish and Matchbox 20 sounded ALOT alike, and my friend called me crazy, im glad to know im not the only crazy one
Polly Rhythm - Sean, did you ever take drum lessons?....
Spam - cant agree with you more about 3rd eye etc.
Rock - hey sean what do you think should be done in order for it to go back to the way it was in the early ninetees and late eightees?
GotmeWrong - Sean...What clubs in New England do you like?
ToxiC - are you friends with other Seattleites like Dave Grohl, or Eddie Vedder?...or "the late" Kurt C.?
Sean Kinney - zamsky...It's strange, flattering but weird - the band opening for us w/ Metallica is probably the best at it.
LayneNugget - Sean, do you love me as much as I love you?
shannie - Sean - where is your favorite place to tour?
Spam - yes, I KNEW IT!!! you rock!!
zamsky - I agree
Social Parasite - Hey Sean, aren't you a little concerned about how bands generally get treated when they open for Metallica? (Usually it's not the warmest welcome)
BAMA - Do you listen to AIC in you're car, or do you stick to "Stairway to Heaven"?
Nona Weisbaum - you think Alice In Chains will ever release a rarities album? Like the early songs and demos?
Sean Kinney - polly...Yes, I took them when I was a spud of about 9 years and learned my rudiments.
byby - Man in the Box Set: Truth or Fiction?
martin andér - Rock>> just make sure to sell more spandex...
LayneNugget - I think my computer just broke...
Social Parasite - Yeah, I'd like to hear some old demos that never got released...
shannie - Sean - do you play any other instruments?
LayneNugget - I hate these dumb things.
BAMA - Are there any unreleased AIC songs?
Spam - who do you think is the band who influenced you most as a kid? i mean like aic influences all of us...emotionally
Sean Kinney - toxic...Knew them all. Dave moved to LA.
Hate to Feel - ack! Better fix it Kirkie
B1ister - Sean - any chance you and Jerry will play any shows in the UK this August?
BoggyAlice - LAYNE <<>>>>>
Spam - get some boots like chained to the studio or heroin
Rock - what does that mean martin?
Sean Kinney - social...Not worried at all.
LayneNugget - I got a good one...Have you ever had intimate relations with any of the band members?
Hate to Feel - What's more evil, calculus or satan?
Sabian - Everyone say "Hi" to my mom, she is reading this with me martin andér - Rock>> what does what mean?
Social Parasite - Sean, I'm glad to hear you
Spam - heroin's got better sound quality, but ctts has more rare songs
BoggyAlice - Sean... Matt talked about racing his motorcycle with Al. Do you own one, and do you race with those guys??? Who wins??? Dies???
Sean Kinney - byby...The record company is trying to get us to do something like that.
LayneNugget - I wasnt licking the screen!!!
BoggyAlice - Hi MOM!
BAMA - Hi Sabian's mom!
martin andér - Sabian>> hi mom!
BoggyAlice - Hi Mrs. Sabian!
zamsky - Do you think musicians or artists in general have to have big egos? If so, how do you keep that from killing a group?
shannie - hi
Sean Kinney - hate...calculus
byby - I take it you don't want to (re: Man in the Box Set)?
shannie - Sean - what are you doing for your mom on mother's day
Spam - you like Bad Religion?? their new album came out yesterday
Sean Kinney - sabian...Hi, Mom.
ToxiC - what did you do when Kurt Cobain died?...just out of curiosity.
Rock - martin---about selling spandex?
Sabian - She said....."That's cute" ALL made her day
LayneNugget - I think that last question was a little insulting...
Sean Kinney - boggy...Yes I own some motorcycles but I have not raced with those fellers yet - I would whoop them severly.
LayneNugget - theres no shame in being gay you know...
BAMA - How did Chains keep from breaking up unlike the brief break-up of STP.
Sabian - Including Sean Kinney
Polly Rhythm - lol... happy mother's day sabian's MOM!
Social Parasite - Sean, I'm glad to hear you're comfortable with opening for Metallica. You guys deserve a good, appreciative audience.
martin andér - Rock>> it's easy: sell more spandex, and people will start posing and playing glam again... :-)
Sean Kinney - toxic...Cried.
shannie - I have never been on a motorcycle. I hear it is quite an experience.
Sabian - Hey, Polly you are jumping the beat me to it
Hate to Feel - Who is the best dressed rocker today?
BAMA - How does Jerry keep coming up with Kick-Ass lyrics?
Rock - oh good point
Sean Kinney - hate...Al is the best dressed rocker.
LayneNugget - Seanie Seanie Seanie, i made you out of clay...
shannie - my best friend painted a portrait of Kurt (Van Gogh style) It hangs on my wall.
Natsuki - Are there any chances you and Jerry will play some shows in Japan?
Rock - what do you think is gonna happen to alice in chains???
GotmeWrong - Sean...Why do the members of Soundgarden and AIC not like each other?
ToxiC - sean, did you see the May Guitar issue with Jerry on the front?
LayneNugget - i think layne is the best dressed rocker
discothyc - on the nona tapes we see a board with the song toeles on it,is there really a song named piss shivers?
Spam - sean...are you a pessimist or an optimist?
marrra - Sean, you heard the new Page & Plant record?
LayneNugget - or Jerry when you guys were at Action Park
Sean Kinney - natsuki...Yes, most likely.
Sabian - Kurt is dead, let us all remember that suicide is DUMB
BAMA - Do you listen to other Seattle bands?
shannie - i guess an optimist
LayneNugget - Sean, you looked great in swimmies!!!
ToxiC - ...and are you going to be on the cover of any magazines?....( you never know... )
Sean Kinney - gotmewrong...It was all a joke. Just teasing each other.
Hate to Feel - If you were trapped on a desert Island with only 3 Cds to listen to, what would they be?
shannie - was it suicide?
Natsuki - Really?
Sean Kinney - disco...There was a song called "Piss Shivers" but it was never released.
Sean Kinney - spam...I'm a botonist.
LayneNugget - i think Seans ignoring me because hes figured out that im inherently evil
Nona Weisbaum - Due to this retarded computer, Im gonna have to leave. See ya Sean! Rock on!
sydie - Sean- do you still pick someone out of the audience to play a drum solo. pick me and i'll try to play you a mean version of angry chair!!!!! even though i've never played before...
Spam - my friend's friend committed suicide 2 days ago
marrra - What makes a great drummer? Hard work, talent or just destiny?
discothyc - Great toele for a song though
Sabian - Bye, Nona
Hate to Feel - im sorry Spam
Dickhead - logged on. - from 152.163 using Mozilla/2.0 (compatible; MSIE 3.0; AOL 3.0; Windows 95) on Wed May 6 7:26pm PT)
Social Parasite - Piss Shivers? That rules! :) Any other strange ones that we should know about?
Hate to Feel - bye Kris!
MetAic - logged on. - from 152.163 using Mozilla/2.0 (compatible; MSIE 3.0; AOL 3.0; Windows 3.1) on Wed May 6 7:26pm PT)
BAMA - What is your favorite Pearl Jam song?
zamsky - How come you never answer serious questions? :-)
martin andér - marrra>> god makes good drummers.
Spam - oh thats ok yeh im sorry for her too...but i didnt know the person
LayneNugget - have you ever considered singing on future aic songs?
byby - Who is your favorite internet personality?
Sean Kinney - zamsky...Nobody ever asks any.
Polly Rhythm - He's answered ALL of MY "serious" questions!
LayneNugget - ett
discothyc - i think there was one called pharoph's funk or something like that as well.
byby - Serious Question: What was your most challenging aic song to play?
Social Parasite - Yeah, he's answered my dumb questions too.
marrra - - Martin>>becoming religious...
Spam - oh yeh piss shivers was on the nona tapes
LayneNugget - agh, whats wrong with my computer?!?!?
MetAic - Do you know if the whole aic is going to open up for metallica?if so, witch ones
byby - Serious Question: Please tell us about the composition of Frogs?
Sean Kinney - byby...Pam & Tommy Lee
shannie - do you believe in God?
martin andér - seam>> are you and mike really "funksters"?
martin andér - shannie>> sean believes in Dog.
shannie - Sean - have you seen the Pam videos?
Sean Kinney - shannie...I believe in Dog.
Sabian - I have to study for exams , have to study for exams.......don't want to study.....want to talk to Sean
Nona Weisbaum - logged off. - from 152.163 using Mozilla/2.0 (compatible; MSIE 3.0; AOL 3.0; Windows 3.1) on Wed May 6 7:29pm PT)
GotmeWrong - Sean...What do you think is the best piece of music you have written to this point?
LayneNugget - Hey! whats goin on Rob?!?
Hate to Feel - if AIC could stand for anything besides Alice in Chains, what would it stand for?
shannie - i remember now.
martin andér - marrra>> not really...
Rock - sean are you and jerry gonna make another album???
Sean Kinney - shannie...I filmed it.
martin andér - shannie>> see, i predicted it... :-)
Sean Kinney - gotmewrong...Stairway to Heaven
byby - Now THAT's funny!
byby - Can I be as My Dog Am?
discothyc - Was that filming part of your pron training with Ron?
marrra - Sean with a blonde wig...?
BAMA - What's your 2nd favorite Zeppellen song?
Spam - ohmygod...the truth uncovered...Sean Kinney IS robert plant
LayneNugget - AGH whats happeneing here!?!?!
GotmeWrong - Sean..What's the one thing people should know about the music industry before wanting to get into the business?
shannie - so is that when you started to masturbate 5 times daily
Hate to Feel - Did you have a deal with Led would write Stairway to Heaven for them if they wrote, say, Down In A Hole for you guys?
sydie - sean- are you really typing this, or are you just "combing your hair?"!!!
LayneNugget - sean, you never answered me about dying yer hair purple. i seriously think you should go for it!!
Sean Kinney - I gotta' go watch the Sonics game on the beach in my thong speedo drinking a chi chi. Would love to stay but I promise to come back and do this again.
Hate to Feel - you ok kirk?
BAMA - Are there any good-looking groupies?
Sabian - I must be going...It was a pleasure to talk to you Sean I waited for 2 months.. I just got Netscape bak on my computer last night for this. (my mom erased it)
Moderator - Hi this is Al at Boom Theory again. Thanks to Sean for taking the time for linking up to us. We're all off to watch the SONICS kick the SH*T out of LA!
martin andér - sean>> just promise to do some serious posing!
shannie - bye Sean. see you in Nashville!
BAMA - Don't worry, the Sonics will win
Social Parasite - Sean, you rule!!
Natsuki - Thank you Sean! Love you!
Spam - i love to sing the swing on this bassline when a conversation's over my head
byby - Thank You!
Moderator - Until Next time, Goodnight, and we'll see you with Jason Finn next week!
Hate to Feel - darng it, right when I was about ot ask a really good ? too
zamsky - thanks Sean
Sean Kinney - Thanks everybody!