Head Creeps - Kris Heding
Column 2 -- Is Grunge Dead?
Back in the early 90's, Seattle was booming with "grunge" bands; Nirvana, Pearl Jam, Soundgarden, Alice In Chains...it seemed as though those dorky flannels you always saw at the Salvation Army were making a comeback. Yes, these were the Years of the Grunge. No one knows how the term got started. Most likely it was just another term used by a journalist that somehow caught on. "Grunge", in the fashion sense consisted of flannels, ripped jeans, and clunky work boots. Not to mention long hair and a bad 'tude. "Grunge" in the musical sense was composed of dropped "D" tunings and dark, honest lyrics. This appealed to the masses, and it became the hype of the decade.

So here it is, 1998. Soundgarden called it quits and Nirvana collapsed after the tragic death of Kurt Cobain. It seems as though "grunge" is dead. Not quite. Dave Grohl (former Nirvana drummer) came back with a blast with his side-project-gone-right, Foo Fighters. Pearl Jam released "Yield", which has gotten rave reviews and revived their fan base. Chris Cornell is working on his solo project, and Jerry Cantrell (guitarist for Alice In Chains) has released his first solo album, "Boggy Depot". And there's a whole slew of bands that carry the same "grunge" sound, including Days of the New and Creed.

So is "grunge" dead? I don't think so. I definitely think the hype has died down (and Seattle is rejoicing that). But the same spirit that enhanced the whole "grunge" ideal is still going strong.


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