<head><h2>This issue's song review: Angry Chair</h2></head>
-Review by Ryan Martin-
One of the most striking songs on the album Dirt would have to be Angry Chair, completely written by Layne Staley.

I must say that, to dissect it, you can easily see that Jerry is the foremost guitarist of the band, because a guitar student of only 3 months can easily play this song. If you cross-reference his style on this with I Don't Know Anything (Mad Season), you'll find that he probably focuses on his enchanting voice more than his guitar skills, in any event.

Anyway, the simplicity that is Angry Chair does not affect the effect of the song. The monotone in his voice on the verses of the song is broken with the explosive rage of the chorus. The power chords in the background add power to the song, as well. The deliciously different guitar at the beginning expresses to you that this song will be different. The content proves it.

While certainly not their best song, Angry Chair comes off as a powerfully beautiful, almost poetic story. Listening to it assures me that, contrary to the statement, serenity is certainly not far away. It is a great lead-in to Would?, which is the song that, in my opinion, IS Alice in Chains.


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