***** = Excellent
**** = Above Par
*** = Standard
** = I don't mind, yeah.
* = If you have a lot of time on your hands, check it out.

The Alice in Chains Nutshell
Probably the best Alice in Chains page that I've seen on the Web, the Nutshell features the best of many standard site, er, standards, including TABs and pics, etc. *****

The Jerry Depot
This is the Jerry site. *****

Shame In You: Nadea's Alice In Chains Page

A Hole in the Web
Excellent and thorough, this site is second only to the Nutshell.*****

Again!: An Alice in Chains Homepage

Rare Flowers in a Tomb
Amazingly fantastically cool, this showcases the talents of many an artist, poet, songwriter, or sculptor. Unique, and therefore worthy of *****

Alice in Chains: Down in a Hole!

Alice In Chains: Love, Hate, Love

The Alice in Chains Real Thing
Really nice site by Kris Heding. Standard site fare, but with a mailing list and sounds that you won't find on just any AiC site... ****

Sickman's AIC Page
Very good site, with an interesting twist to the TABs page... ****

River of Deceit
Mad Season heaven, this site is full of disinformation.

The Alice in Chains CD Gallery
A complete gallery of boots and company releases. ****

Sea Of Sorrow

Alice and Chains Page

The Official Jerry Cantrell Boggy Depot Web Site
The Official Site. ****

Alice In Chains Theme
Oh, this is really cool! If you have Windows 95, you can download AiC themes for your computer here. ****

Alice In Chains...Arrrrrrr!
The company site is actually not too shabby. ****

The Jerry Cantrell Page
The quintessential Jerry page, this site is a Jerry haven. ****

A portal into... Alice in Chains

Wall of Sound: Alice in Chains

Man in the Box - The Layne Staley Fan Page

Matt's Alice In Chains Page


King of the Katz

Sunshine's AIC Page

The Sludge Factory

The Land of Sunshine

Australian Angry Chair

Rocks You


Them Bones


AIC Lyrics

Angry Chair Mailing List

Alice in Chains


Alice in Chains in Vertebrae X-Ray

Chris' Alice in Chains Page


Rafael's Alice in Chains Page

Grind Them Bones

Field of Pain

The Alice Chain Webring Links Page

Dewlap's Music Page

These links compiled by Ryan, Kris, and everyone who sent their URLs.